The Truth About Hans Aspeger

In the light of BLM, I think it is important to retell history and to educate yourself. I will link my sources for this post and resources for the BLM down below. If you have the ability, please donate to the BLM. Hans Asperger was a huge D The story of how Asperger Syndrome origins … Continue reading The Truth About Hans Aspeger

Quarantine blues

Routine and structure are very important to me in my daily life. The only problem is: I lack the necessary discipline. Due to Corona/Covid-19 studies became digital, which means lectures aren't at set timings and can be viewed at any time. But I am not disciplined enough to keep my schedule given by the university. … Continue reading Quarantine blues

More male than female Aspergers?!

The problem is, there aren't more male or female Aspergers as in existing. There are just more male Aspergers with a diagnosis. Asperger as diagnosisSince Asperger is a rather new diagnosable disability, there is still room to define the diagnosis criteria and a lot to research about it.Asperger blew up in the past decade and … Continue reading More male than female Aspergers?!

Short Announcement

Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and give you are short briefing. Since this blog is rather new (2 weeks) I haven't had a blogging schedule. So I will be posting once a week every Sunday. I am not sure if I can continue this schedule when everything is back to normal. Since … Continue reading Short Announcement

Coming out of the closet

After coming out about Asperger to more and more people, I've become to be proud of Asperger and see it more as a gift than a curse. ReactionsThis mindset is quite hard to achieve since many people tend to be hostile against people with Aspergers. I am quite lucky since in my family there are … Continue reading Coming out of the closet

Phrases about Asperger I am fed up with

If you are open about diagnosis, you've might hear some of these phrases: "You don't look autistic."Well thank you, Karen, and you don't like you have a brain, but here we are. Neurotypicals (people without mental disabilities) tend to think, that if you can't see it isn't there. This mindset is very harmful since teachers … Continue reading Phrases about Asperger I am fed up with

Asperger and friendship. How?

Friendship is a rather tough topic. Even for me! Though I am considered as a very sociable Asperger and mastered the art of bullshit talk aka small talk through observation of others and due to my learning/copying skills. Talking to others can be though. So I want to give you advice on how to start … Continue reading Asperger and friendship. How?